Onsite consultation

Start with an onsite consultation.
We meet in your space, discuss the scope of the project and any thought starters you may have regarding style or plants you may have considered. Or, it can be a ‘blue skies’ session. Some guidance around budget can be helpful at this stage. During this session, I’ll make verbal recommendations and photograph key elements of the space.  At the conclusion, a document will be provided summarising key takeaways, and may include images of plants or hard landscaping materials being recommended. For some clients, this may be all that is required.

Concept Plan

If you wish to continue, a concept plan is next.
Following the initial consultation and feedback, a site evaluation takes place, including measurements of the space. A concept plan for your garden is prepared, including scale drawings to give you an idea of what your space could look like when established, along with a written summary detailing how the project would proceed and general timelines. A more comprehensive set of plant images and hard materials being recommended accompanies the drawings. If this is a significant project, and you already have architect/engineering or site survey map drawings, these will help speed up the process, or a surveyor may need to be engaged.

Planting Plan

Once the concept plan is agreed, a comprehensive planting plan and plant schedule is generated.


I work with landscaping contractors, nurseries, planting and maintenance teams and councils:

  • I can assist in choosing the right landscape contractors for your space
  • I can source the plants from our network of nurseries and suppliers
  • I can provide onsite placement and planting services
  • I can, and prefer to, oversee the project to ensure it runs smoothly
  • I can make recommendations for ongoing maintenance.
Start with a consultation